Bob Herron

Stuntman and actor Bob Herron was born on September 23, 1924 in Lomita, California. Herron grew up with his father in Hawaii. After his parents divorced, Bob's mother remained in California and married Ace Hudkins, who was a famous supplier of horses for movies. Following service in the Navy in the South Pacific, Herron started wrangling horses on movie sets for his stepfather Hudkins in 1946. Bob made the transition to stuntman in 1950 and went on to perform stunts in a slew of films and television shows in a career that spanned from the 1950's to the early 2010's.

Name Bob Herron
Age 99 years 8 month 6 days old
Born Place Lomita, California, USA
Birthday 1924-09-23
Death 2021-10-10

Bob Herron - FAQ

1. Bob Herron Age in 2024 ?

Bob Herron Age in 2024 is 99 years 8 month 6 days old

2. What was the birthday of Bob Herron ?

Birthday of Bob Herron was 1924-09-23

3. What was the gender of Bob Herron ?

Gender of Bob Herron was Male

4. When Bob Herron was Died ?

Bob Herron was died on 2021-10-10

5. What was nick name of Bob Herron ?

Nick name of Bob Herron was Robert Herron

6. Where Bob Herron was born?

Bob Herron was born in Lomita, California, USA

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