Kara Hayward

Kara Hayward (born November 17, 1998) is an American actress from Andover, Massachusetts. She made her film debut in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom (2012) after being chosen through an open casting call. The role earned her acclaim and she went on the feature in other films such as The Sisterhood of Night (2015) and Manchester by the Sea (2016).

Name Kara Hayward
Age 25 years 6 month 3 days old
Born Place Andover, Massachusetts, USA
Birthday 1998-11-17

Kara Hayward - FAQ

1. Kara Hayward Age in 2024 ?

Kara Hayward Age in 2024 is 25 years 6 month 3 days old

2. What is the birthday of Kara Hayward ?

Birthday of Kara Hayward is 1998-11-17

3. What is the gender of Kara Hayward ?

Gender of Kara Hayward is Female

4. Where Kara Hayward was born?

Kara Hayward was born in Andover, Massachusetts, USA

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