David Soren

David I. Soren is a director, writer, and actor known for Captain Underpants (2017), Turbo (2013), and Merry Madagascar (2009). A DreamWorks veteran of twenty years, Soren has worked as a story artist on "The Road to El Dorado," "Chicken Run" and "Shrek." He then served as the head of story on the hit animated comedy, "Shark Tale." Soren joined DreamWorks after graduating from Sheridan College, located near his hometown of Toronto, Canada. Father of Coco Soren

Name David Soren
Age 50 years 10 month 10 days old
Born Place Toronto, Canada
Birthday 1973-04-19

David Soren - FAQ

1. David Soren Age in 2024 ?

David Soren Age in 2024 is 50 years 10 month 10 days old

2. What is the birthday of David Soren ?

Birthday of David Soren is 1973-04-19

3. What is the gender of David Soren ?

Gender of David Soren is Male

4. Where David Soren was born?

David Soren was born in Toronto, Canada

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