Roman Bohnen

Roman Bohnen, born November 24, 1901, was a distinguished American character actor renowned for his versatility and powerful performances. His career spanned both stage and screen, earning acclaim for his roles in Broadway productions like "The Ladder" and "Johnny Johnson." Bohnen's impactful presence extended to film, notably in classics such as "Of Mice and Men," where his portrayal of the compassionate George earned critical praise. His depth and ability to embody multifaceted characters made him a respected figure in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Bohnen's legacy persists through his indelible contributions to the entertainment industry, showcasing an enduring talent that continues to influence actors and audiences alike.

Name Roman Bohnen
Age 122 years 3 month 5 days old
Born Place Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Birthday 1901-11-24
Death 1949-02-24

Roman Bohnen - FAQ

1. Roman Bohnen Age in 2024 ?

Roman Bohnen Age in 2024 is 122 years 3 month 5 days old

2. What was the birthday of Roman Bohnen ?

Birthday of Roman Bohnen was 1901-11-24

3. What was the gender of Roman Bohnen ?

Gender of Roman Bohnen was Male

4. When Roman Bohnen was Died ?

Roman Bohnen was died on 1949-02-24

5. What was nick name of Roman Bohnen ?

Nick name of Roman Bohnen was Roman Aloys Bohnen,Bud Bohnen

6. Where Roman Bohnen was born?

Roman Bohnen was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Roman Bohnen Photo

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