Rich Fulcher

Richard Fulcher (born November 18, 1968) is an American comedian and author who used to be based in the United Kingdom and now resides in Los Angeles, California. He played Bob Fossil and other characters in the British comedy series The Mighty Boosh, and Edward Sheath in the American series Jon Benjamin Has a Van. He has also appeared in Noel Fielding's more recent show, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy. His other appearances include Unnatural Acts with Julian Barratt and Fielding of The Mighty Boosh and he starred in and wrote the TV series Snuff Box alongside Matt Berry.

Name Rich Fulcher
Age 55 years 5 month 0 days old
Born Place Massachusetts, USA
Birthday 1968-11-18

Rich Fulcher - FAQ

1. Rich Fulcher Age in 2024 ?

Rich Fulcher Age in 2024 is 55 years 5 month 0 days old

2. What is the birthday of Rich Fulcher ?

Birthday of Rich Fulcher is 1968-11-18

3. What is the gender of Rich Fulcher ?

Gender of Rich Fulcher is Male

4. Where Rich Fulcher was born?

Rich Fulcher was born in Massachusetts, USA

Rich Fulcher Photo

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