Zahreelay (1990 film)


Zahreelay: After being critically wounded and losing his left arm, Captain Jaswant Kumar is discharged from the Indian army and goes to live with Journalist A.V. Razdan in Shanti Nagar, Bombay. Ironically, Shanti Nagar is far from peaceful as it is ruled by extortionists like Peter Gonsalves and Jaichand Khurana who work for underworld don, Taneja. Jaswant and a local taxi-driver, Raju Varma, decide to put up a fight and attempt to drive the goons away - with considerable success much to the chagrin of Taneja, who hires a killer named Raaka to do away with them. Instead they end up befriending Raaka and join forces against Taneja himself. But Jaswant and Raju will soon find out that Raaka never befriends anyone and always disposes off his enemies when they end up getting arrested for smuggling and are sentenced to two years in prison - leaving Taneja and his men to carry on with their nefarious activities.

Zahreelay Overview

Original language hi
Release date 1990-01-26
Rating 40% 40
Vote Count 3

Zahreelay - FAQ

What is the Original language of Zahreelay ?

Original_language of Zahreelay is hi

What is Release date of Zahreelay ?

Release date of Zahreelay is 1990-01-26


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