Chicuarotes (2019 film)


Chicuarotes: Cagalera and Moloteco are two teenagers from San Gregorio Atlapulco who are desperate to get out and move up and away from oppressive circumstances. When they hear of an opportunity to buy a spot in the electrician’s union, which could transform their lives, they quickly devolve into the criminal, adult underworld of Mexico City in a bid to buy their freedom.

Chicuarotes Overview

Category Drama , Crime
Production company La Corriente del Golfo (MX) , Pulse Films (GB) , Cinematográfica Amaranto (GB) , Televisa (MX)
Original language es
Runtime 1.583 Hour
Release date 2019-06-28
Spoken language Español
Rating 76.96%
Vote Count 143

Chicuarotes - FAQ

What are Categories of Chicuarotes ?

Category of Chicuarotes is Drama , Crime

What are the Production companies of Chicuarotes ?

Production companies of Chicuarotes are La Corriente del Golfo (MX) , Pulse Films (GB) , Cinematográfica Amaranto (GB) , Televisa (MX)

What is the Original language of Chicuarotes ?

Original_language of Chicuarotes is es

What is the Run time of Chicuarotes ?

Run time of Chicuarotes is 1.583 Hour

What is Release date of Chicuarotes ?

Release date of Chicuarotes is 2019-06-28


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