Inma Cuesta

Inmaculada Cuesta Martínez is a Spanish actress. She is best known for playing the roles of Margarita Hernando in La 1 television series Águila Roja, Ruth Belloso in Three Many Weddings, La novia in The Bride and Ana Mari in the Movistar+ television series Arde Madrid.

Name Inma Cuesta
Age 43 years 9 month 18 days old
Born Place Jaén, Spain
Birthday 1980-06-25

Inma Cuesta - FAQ

1. Inma Cuesta Age in 2024 ?

Inma Cuesta Age in 2024 is 43 years 9 month 18 days old

2. What is the birthday of Inma Cuesta ?

Birthday of Inma Cuesta is 1980-06-25

3. What is the gender of Inma Cuesta ?

Gender of Inma Cuesta is Female

4. What is nick name of Inma Cuesta ?

Nick name of Inma Cuesta is インマ・クエスタ,インマクラーダ・クエスタ・マルティネス

5. Where Inma Cuesta was born?

Inma Cuesta was born in Jaén, Spain

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